Things you can do with your PretzelBox

Published a year ago by sai @ pretzelbox

So you have started using PretzelBox? Now what? What can you do with your PretzelBox?

Great questions!

PretzelBox helps the little guy do more with tools they are already familiar and comfortable with. 


Image by Tumisu

Publish straight from your Gmail
Well written, well organized content speaks for itself. 

You understand why you need great content but until now, publishing content meant fighting with Wordpress's clunky blog editor.

Not any more. 

PretzelBox makes blogging as frictionless as possible. Now it is just you and your Gmail compose window. Write your email in Gmail, then send it to blog@your-domain .com and see it live on your blog within minutes.

Learn how to compose beautiful pieces inside Gmail here.

Share files
Your brand is your identity. Don't weaken it by sending customers and prospects to a Google Drive link or a Notion page.

Instead, keep them engaged with you by sharing files on your domain.

Simply attach files to your email and send them to cdn@your-domain .com. Share attachment links with customers and prospects.

Bookmark important emails
How many times have you had to pull up an email in a rush only to have to search through your cluttered inbox for the right email?

What if you could bookmark emails as easily as you can bookmark websites?

Every email received by PretzelBox comes with its own unique url. You can bookmark the url and directly read the email without having to login to your inbox.

Learn how this works here.

Bridge the gap with WhatsApp
Your customers or vendors are likely on WhatsApp but your source of truth is your email. How do you make sure that your customers/vendors actually read your emails?

By sharing the email on WhatsApp! Learn how this works here.

Support multiple workflows
Whether you are a teacher or have a family, PretzelBox's versatility lets you support all manner of workflows for your specific needs.

More here.