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Unlimited emails on your own domain

And there's more! Link your domain to PretzelBox and get a business email, a customizable blog, and portfolio page in minutes.

Save a minimum of 50% on hosting and email costs.

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What can PretzelBox do?

What can PretzelBox do?


PretzelBox is an inbox for your domain

We have all used personal email inboxes like Gmail/Outlook. We may have a work email account as well. But PretzelBox is different. It is an inbox for your entire domain!

Once you sign up, ANY email sent to your domain will get delivered to your PretzelBox and auto-forwarded to your primary email account. You don't have to pay for or provision any email accounts ahead of time. Just pick any word @your-domain,com and it will work!


You now have billions of emails addresses at your fingertips


Use PretzelBox to blog

Your PretzelBox lets you blog via email. Simply compose your post in Gmail and send it to We will make it look beautiful and auto publish to your blog.

You don't have to spend another minute figuring out (and paying for) a WordPress or Ghost/Jekyll/Gatsby/markdown website. What's more, our SEO, PageSpeed, and Social Sharing performance blow the others out of the water.


Store and share files in your PretzelBox

You can store and share files straight from your PretzelBox. Send important documents to your accountant and doctor with just a link. Or create a beautiful Gallery page in a snap to show off your portfolio by simply marking files as public


One Pretzel to rule them all


  • Unlimited inbound emails
  • Auto-forwarded to Gmail
  • Access to PretzelBox Inbox

  • Just two Google Workspace accounts would cost $24/month!

  • Post from Gmail
  • Beautiful Templates
  • SEO, Social Sharing, Excellent PageSpeed

  • Cheapest WordPress hosting on WP Engine costs $20/month

  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Add by Email
  • Customizable Portfolio page

  • Cheapest DropBox plan costs $10/month


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90% savings on Google Workspace + WPEngine + DropBox

🇮🇳 prices (₹)




Use this endpoint to download and display the list of email addresses on your domain which have received emails. Needs Authorisation header. (details coming soon)


Use this endpoint to download and display the list of publicly shared files published on your domain. You can either get JSON data or html fragments (via Htmx). Publicly accessible. (details coming soon)

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